Adobe Animate: Your First Project

So, Visitor you think you want to give 2D Animation a try? What is 2D Animation? Think Sponge Bob. Adobe Animate is like Illustrator, but with a timeline for animation. Soon interesting? Then lets go!

A lot of the Adobe Animate tools should look very familiar to you from Illustrator. Animate is primarily a vector based illustration program with timeline. You can even import or copy and paste things created in Illustrator directly into Animate.

What is is Animate CC?

Watch the Essential for Beginners tutorials from Adobe to get a quick overview of the Animate interface.

CREATE a NEW POST on your SITREP titled Animate Essentials category Animate. What are there things that you learned about Animate?

Once you have done that click COMPLETE and get started with your first animation.

Now that you have a little idea of what Animate is and what it does, lets make our first Animation.

Follow along with How to Create a2D Character Animation. The tutorial should take you about an hour.

When done, as always, Document Your Mastery.

Awesome job, Visitor. You have finished your first Animation. The rest is up to you. Document what you learn using one of the LOYO missions on the Guild page.

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