Animation & Motion Design Intro

I see that you have decided to join the Web Development Guild. We always need future Web Gurus in the CIA.

Hey, Visitor. Wow you made it this far? You are smarter than you look. I thought for sure you would have washed out by now. Before we get down to training, we need to better understand why you are here.

Create a NEW Google Doc titled Guild Project inside of your folder in Graphic Arts.

In one or two paragraphs answer the following questions:

  • What Guild did you choose?
  • Why did you choose this Guild?
  • What are you goals?
  • Find and list AT LEAST FIVE resources (tutorials, inspiration, etc.) related to your apprenticeship.

**Remember . . . In the CIA we communicate with our clients professionally. Use proper grammar!!!

Now let's get started with your Motion Design training.

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