CIA Profile

Hey you . . . Grom! I see that ya made it through processing. Welcome to your first mission. Before you continue with BOOT, Basic Online Orientation and Training, we have to verify your credentials. Every new recruit needs a CIA Profile.

Your momma might call ya Visitor, but in the CIA you are going to need a nickname.

Continue onto STAGE 2 to activate your CIA Profile.

Watch, listen, and learn.

And follow all the instructions!

PRO TIP: Have two windows side by side. The video on the left and what you are doing on the right. Work smart!

It is important that you followed along with Cap and set up your CIA Profile correctly.

This is how the class works—YOU decide whether to follow instructions or not.

Do you understand?

If you do, great things will happen.

If you don't, well ... we'll get to that.

Now that your CIA Profile is setup you need to refresh the page to activate the mission. The easiest way to do that is CMD+R.

If you followed instructions and updated your CIA Profile ... Click STAGE 3 to earn your first Achievement.

Awesome, Visitor! You have completed your first mission.

Now it is time to get your Game On!

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