Creative Commons

Visitor I know copyright can be a fuzzy concept with your generation. Buy music? Why would I do that? I could just download it (or stream it)!

Let's say you need an image for a design project. Let me guess ... your first idea is ... I can just search for one in Google Images. Plenty of images there. They are free to use, right? Right?

Not so fast Grom! Most of those images are in fact . . .COPYRIGHTED. Many are owned by Getty Images ... and they will track you down and make you pay for it. So, where can you find images that you can use in your designs? Let's find out.

So .... where can I find images to use in my designs you ask?

What about ....

Cap suggests bookmarking these sites. Can you use any of these images for any purpose? No. So, how and when can you use them?

Think about this .... What if you relied on your designs to pay your rent, feed your family, etc.? Let's say you spent two weeks on a design, you shared your design file with the client, and they used it without paying you? Doesn't sound good, right?

As content creators you will want to get paid for your work (or at least acknowledgement). Copyright can be confusing. In recent years with an explosion in content creators on the Web, there needed to be an easy way for content creators to copyright their work and thus, Creative Commons was born.

Research the various Creative Commons licenses. What is a Creative Commons license? What are the different types of licenses?

If you understand the various Creative Commons Licenses and how you could us them with your own work, then COMPLETE the mission.

Get it? Got it? Good. Now let's get to learning about Photoshop.

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