Custom Fonts

So ... Visitor you can't find a font on the computer that fits your design? What if I told you there were hundreds or even thousands of free fonts out there that you could install to your computer?

There are a lot of great free fonts out there and even more BAD fonts. Choose wisely.

So ... where do you find these fonts? I'd start with fontfling. Be careful. Remember there are a lot of BAD fonts. What looks "cool" to YOU, may not be cool from a professional design standpoint. Choose wisely.

AWWWARDS has a nice collection of typefaces that they have aggregated from across the web.

Also, you can always Google "best free fonts."

Let's say you find a professional looking font that fits the design aesthetic that you are going for. How do you install it? It is very easy on a Mac.

Can you install a custom font? If so, click COMPLETE.

Don't get carried away with installing fonts Visitor. Some of the best fonts you can use (Helvetica, Futura, etc.) are already installed on your computer. Use third party fonts sparingly.

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