Elements of Design: Line

Visitor in this mission you are going to explore one of the seven Elements of Art--LINE.

ACCEPT the mission to learn more.

Lines can be used in a variety of ways as a designer:

  • Convey a mood or an emotion.
  • Organize the design.
  • Establish columns of text.
  • Create a texture.
  • Create movement.
  • Define shape.
  • Call attention to a word.
  • Connect pieces of information in your layout.
  • Frame an image or a word.

Watch this overview from KQED Arts of how line is used in a variety of artwork.

Can you describe Line as it relates to Art?

If so, COMPLETE the mission to explore the Line Tools in Illustrator. If not, conduct your own research using Google before moving on.

Visitor are you ready to actually start creating something in Illustrator?

Illustrator is primarily a vector graphics program and the most basic element of vector graphics are Lines. Follow along with Cap to learn how to draw in Illustrator using the various Line Tools.


Great job following along with Cap to learn how to use the Line Tools. Now it is time to show Cap what you have learned so far by creating your own design using only the Line Tools.

Create a NEW Illustrator document:

  • Document Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Document Orientation: Landscape
  • Document Color Mode: RGB

Using ONLY the Line Tools, create your own unique landscape drawing.

Before clicking MASTER, you must Document Mastery.

Once you have submitted your Behance Project to Canvas, MASTER the mission.

Congratulations, Visitor you have completed your first illustration in the CIA program.

Next up, let's learn about the importance of Shape.

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