Design Principle – Contrast

Visitor in this mission you are going to explore the Design Principle - CONTRAST.

Follow along as guest instructor Gareth David discusses the Design Principle - CONTRAST.

Design Principle - CONTRAST

Contrast can assist you in strengthening an idea and is a strong design principle that will help you distinguish your communication. When you add any element to a page, you’ve used contrast. How would you communicate a poster showing all of the moon phases? It would seem logical to use a dark background with white images to make the different phases of the moon stand out on the page. Contrast can be used with the elements of design such as size, color, shape, texture, line, value and space. When using contrast in your designs, think in contrasting terms such as small or large, white or black, crooked or straight, rough or smooth, dull or shiny, symmetrical or asymmetrical, serif or sans-serif.

When choosing the combination of contrasting elements, be sure that it best represents the mood or idea that you are trying to communicate.

The contrast choices you make do not have to be dramatic to be effective. Think about the overall message of your piece and then consider whether a diminished contrast or a subtle contrast would be suitable. When working with a subtle contrast, be sure that the difference is noticeable or it may go unnoticed, or look like a mistake.

To use contrast in your artwork:

  • Strengthen your ideas.
  • Make your piece more visually appealing by using contrasting typefaces.
  • Contrast color, shape, texture, line, size, space and value.
  • Strengthen a design using subtle color shifts and differences in type.

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Contrast is just one of several design principles used in design. Continue on to discover what other design principles are used in creating good design.

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