Design Principle – Function

Visitor in this mission you are going to explore the Design Principle - FUNCTION.

Follow along as guest instructor Gareth David discusses the Design Principle - FUNCTION.

Design Principle - FUNCTION


To claim MASTERY for this Mission:

  1. Create a NEW POST. Title: Design Principle - Function Category: Design Theory.
  2. In your own words describe function as a design principle.
  3. Don't forget to PUBLISH your post.

Visitor I know, I know that was A LOT of theory. But trust me ... Cap is going to expect to see the Elements and Principles of Design in all of your work.

Look around at all of the posters, magazine covers, graphics, etc. that you encounter in your daily life. You'll start to notice these Elements and Principles everywhere.

Now that you have a foundation in the Illustrator Basics and b its time to try your hand at your first project ... the Vector Robot.

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