Digital Painting 101: Brushes and Erasers

Moving right along Visitor. Lets check out how brushes and erasers work.

Brushes? Yes, siree . . . brushes, the bread and butter of digital painting in Photoshop. Check it out: one tool, many forms.

Remember, you chose to explore this. Make the most of it. Really learn how things work.

Don't forget that you will need to document what you have learned along the way. I suggest screenshots and jotting down some notes in a training log.

Once you have completed the tutorial . . . Create a New Post on your SITREP titled the same as the mission and the category Design & Illustration to document what you learned. Don't forget screenshots!

Woohoo, Visitor. One step closer to being a Digital Painting Jedi.

Are you ready to Mix Paint?

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