Digital Painting 101: Mixing Paint

Step right up Visitor. What do you mean you don't know what mixing paint it is? Did you grow up on a farm or something?

Mixing paint? With what? All of you Groms always ask the same questions. Blending colors is the key to realistic digital painting.

No don't eat the paint, Visitor, mix the paint.

You need to document what you learned in this lesson:

  1. Create a New Post "Mixing Paint" w/ two categories:
    1. Graphic Design & Illustration
    2. Digital Painting 101
  2. Show proof of and explain what you have learned

Woohoo, Visitor. One step closer to being Digital Painting Jedi.

Not every tutorial may be the most exciting, but remember it is about learning to do things properly. This is the career pathway you chose to explore after all.

Next up in Digital Painting 101 is Layers.

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