OK, so I’ve heard some of what you new recruits are being told… “All you have to do is stay busy and try and you get an A!”

Not exactly true.

Listen up, Visitor. You have to do your part. You have to document your work!

In exchange for no tests, no quizzes, no HW ... none of that usual "school" stuff ... Cap expects to see documentation of your training. You’ve got to document your progress and reflect on what you learned. This tells HQ what you’re doing. Don’t do this, and HQ is going to freak out.

When it comes to your SITREP (aka situational report aka your website), I’ll tell you all you need to know to keep Cap off your back. As far as Cap is concerned, if it wasn’t written down and recorded . . . it just didn’t happen.

Your SITREP is an amazing privilege. But you know what comes with great and special power, right? Responsibility.

DON’T MESS AROUND ON THE BLOG! Seriously, there are literally about 6 billion people watching. Do something disrespectful or anything other than what you’re supposed to do on the blog, and you don’t even get reBOOT. You just get a quick exit out of the program.

Got it? Ok then lets move on.

Keep in mind that failure to document your progress is the #1 reason for people getting anything below average reports. That’s like one step above rebooting.

And keeping your SITREP in great shape is the #1 reason for every Awesome rating. You CANNOT get to Awesome without a kickin’ SITREP.

We have important things to learn, challenges to overcome, and new frontiers to build. Can’t waste time on slackers that don’t carry their own weight. I have enough extra weight to carry . . . I just had lunch. It was a little quitter like some of you!!!

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