Elements of Art

Visitor good design starts with a solid understanding of both the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. They are going to be your BEST friends in the Mac Lab if you want to WOW! the BOSS with your artwork.

Let's explore the Elements of Art and find out what they are and why they are so important.

The Elements of Art are the building blocks of art and design. Software changes. Tools change. But ... GOOD design is universal and is created by successfully applying the Elements of Art.

Elements of Art

In the upcoming missions you are going to explore each Element of Art in more detail.

YOU can choose to skim through the information, or YOU can choose to pay close attention so that you can effectively use and explain how you used the elements in your designs.

The choice is yours.

Visitor are you paying attention?

The Elements of Art are REALLY important. You have to demonstrate not only that you can apply them in your own designs, but also be able to explain how you used them in your artwork.

You will be graded on your use and understanding of the Elements of Art on every project. So, I highly recommend that you pay close attention to the following missions.

Elements Of Art
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