Game On

Hey there, recruit. What do you know about Gamification?

Click ACCEPT to find out how the CIA is "gamified."

The CIA is a special program that the Cap setup to help train new recruits. Cap likes games.

Who’s the Cap?? The Cap is the BOSS. The Big Man…. Le Grande Frommage as the Germans say. He is a good guy. As long as you are doing what you are supposed to and playing by the rules.

Anyhow, he figured ... what better way to learn than to gamify the learning process. What does gamify mean? You'll find out as you move along in your training, but Cap says I should give you a bit of an overview to help you get up and running.

Basically instead of assignments you are going to encounter "missions." Missions can have 3-5 stages: Encounter, Accept, Complete, Mastery (and sometimes Repeat Mastery). Don't worry ... it will make sense after a couple of missions.

Anyhow, for missions you'll earn XP and credit as you progress through each stage. Also, as you progress through each stage the rewards get bigger (and some missions are more rewarding than others). Just like a game, you start at Level 1 and as you earn experience (XP) you will move up in levels.

Watch as Cap gives  a brief overview of the Game On system..

Make sense? At least a little bit? Don't worry, you'll get it soon enough. Click COMPLETE to move on for now.

Have you noticed that so far missions only have three stages? That's because you haven't had to produce anything, yet. Once you start "doing" something or making something, you'll have to demonstrate Mastery (the 4th stage) of what you learned.

That'll come up soon enough. For now find out why Cap loves The Crazy Ones.

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