Google Drive

Did you get your H.U.D. setup properly? You used proper grammar, right? Cap doesn't like it when recruits can't follow directions. You better make sure your name is capitalized properly.

Cap also likes recruits who know how to be organized. Are you organized, Visitor?

Cap REALLY doesn't like hunting things down. If Cap has to search for your work on your terminal because you aren't organized . . . I am going to have to hunt you down and assign you latrine duty.

Every recruit has a SCHOOL Google Apps account. One of the features of Google Apps is Google Drive. Google Drive is essentially an on-line flash drive. Anything that you save to your Google Drive you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

You are responsible for backing up your work. If the computer crashes and you don't have backups of your work, Cap won't shed a tear for you. Good thing you have set up the Google Drive App that is installed on your terminal.  You can find it in the Applications folder or hit COMMAND + SPACE at the same time and use spotlight to search for it (**HINT: this way is faster).

Use your SCHOOL Google account for signing in. I suggest first logging into your Google Drive from Safari and creating a new folder just for the CIA. I suggest when setting up the Google Drive App only sync that folder.

Once you have signed in and setup the Google Drive App, you'll want to create TWO folders inside of your Google Drive to get started:

Projects (This is where you will save projects as you are working on them. Some recruits work smart and create folders for each project inside of the Projects folder. For example: Personal Logos, Self Portrait, etc.)

Web (Save the Web aka jpg versions of your finished projects here to upload to your SITREP.)

Once you have set up your Google Drive, COMPLETE the mission.

Good job, Visitor. Now that we have got some folders to help you get organized -- Don't just leave 'em and forget 'em. Save all of your work in your new folders.

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