Guild Final

Visitor you made it through BOOT, Illustrator Basic Training, Photoshop Basic Training, and now you are ready to demonstrate Mastery in your chosen Guild. The BOSS can't wait to see what amazing project you came up with.

Remember ... YOU chose your guild. The BOSS gave you the opportunity to have a voice in your own learning. Students frequently ask, "Why do I have to learn this?" You got to choose, so ask yourself.

Remember ... Guild Projects are 40% of your grade. The BOSS is expecting to see that you have applied skills that you have learned throughout the year, but also demonstrate learning stretch in new skills that you learned specific to your Guild. What do you learn that you didn't know before?

The BOSS wants to see what you can do on your own in creating a product highlighting the skills you learned in your guild training. The idea is to show off the best of what you can do and your project will be judged accordingly.

Project Ideas

Below is a list of possible project ideas to get your brainstorming started. This is expected to be a significant project. Your biggest project of the year. The ideas below just brush the surface of what you can do. Even better if it is an actual project that you create for a real client.

  • Children's Book w/ Illustrations or Digital Paintings
  • Short Comic or Manga
  • :30+ 3D Scene with Animation
  • PSA Poster Series
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Clothing Line with Marketing Plan
  • Website
  • Etc.

So ... what exactly is required to get full credit?

  1. Completion of Introductory Guild Missions (Digital Painting 101, 30 Days of HTML/CSS, etc.).
  2. A major independent project(s) demonstrating the skills you learned in the Introductory Guild Missions. Can you take what you learned from tutorials and make something all on your own?

Once you have completed your Guild Project(s) click complete.

As you know, the BOSS likes documentation. He likes to read AND see what you have learned. Being able to reflect on your work and communicate ideas is essential out in the "real" world.

Documentation Requirements

  1. Create a NEW PAGE with the title of your Guild (e.g. Design & Illustration).
  2. Write AT LEAST THREE paragraphs:
    1. What: Explain what the Guild is about (Design & Illustration is ....)
    2. Who: Describe a job related to this guild. What does that person do? How much do they make? What education do they need?
    3. Why: Why did you choose the Guild?
  3. Use the catlist code (HINT: Organizing Your SITREP) to list the missions that you completed for your Guild.
  4. Write an Introductory Paragraph explaining what your final project is and why you chose it.
  5. Insert your Final Project(s) (or links to) below the Introductory Paragraph.
  6. Below your Final Project(s) complete Documenting Mastery.

Congratulations Visitor! Think back to where you started at the beginning of the year and where you are now. Think about all of the cool stuff that you learned. You are no longer just "book smart", now you have some skills.

Before you you graduate from GRID Training you have one more mission . . . Final Portfolio.

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