Hey you . . . Grom! I see that ya made it through Orientation. Before you continue on with BOOT we have to get your H.U.D. and your CIA ID setup.

Your momma might call ya Visitor, but in the CIA you are going to need a nickname.

First step is to choose a nickname. No real names in the CIA. Remember to keep it PG. You don't want to join the 900 CLUB (-300 minutes, -300 XP, -300 credits).

Now we can start setting up your H.U.D. (Heads Up Display).


Hint: Take advantage of our wide monitors. Have two browser windows open side by side. The first with the CIA site (step 1) and the second with the tutorial (step 2).

  1. Click to login to the CIA. The login is the same as your computer terminal.
  2. Watch the tutorial below and follow along with Cap. He will walk you through what to do on the HUD. Yes the HUD and the SITREP are different. They may look similar, but they are two different Wordpress accounts.

Once you have completed setting up your profile, click COMPLETE to continue.

Not bad, Visitor. Maybe we won't have to send you packing back to your momma's house after all.

If you look below you should see a link to your next mission.


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