Illustrator – Interface Introduction

Visitor, how goes it? Nice to have BOOT out of the way, aye?

Let's figure out what Adobe Illustrator is and what it does.

Once again David Gareth of TastyTuts will be leading you through Illustrator Basics.

Up first is the Interface Introduction. Pay attention. The better that you understand Illustrator, the better your artwork will be.

If you understand the information the tutorial, COMPLETE the mission.


To claim MASTERY for this Mission:

  1. Create a NEW POST. Title: Illustrator - Interface Introduction. Category: Illustrator Basics.
  2. What does turning on the Application Frame do? Take a screenshot (Command + Shift + 4) of Illustrator with both the Application Frame on and off. Use the screenshots as evidence in your post.

It may not seem like much, but understanding the interface of Illustrator will make your life easier as we move forward.

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