Illustrator – Shape Builder

Visitor great job so far. Using just lines and shapes you already have a good foundation in illustrating in Illustrator.

In this mission we are going to kick shapes up by exploring the Shape Builder Tool.

The Shape Builder Tool is very powerful. Even Cap didn't realize the power of the Shape Builder Tool until he started creating the tutorials to teach you Groms. He was still using the Pathfinder Tool when the Shape Builder Tool makes everything so much smoother.

Follow along with Cap as he demonstrates the power--AND the simplicity--of the Shape Builder Tool.

Simple Shapes

Complex Shapes

Visitor just imagine all of the cool designs you can create with that little tool.

Once you understand how the shape builder tool works, COMPLETE the mission to create your own complex pattern or design using just shapes and the shape builder tool.

Now it is time to show Cap what you learned. Using shapes and the shape builder tool create your own unique and creative pattern.


  • Document Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Document Orientation: Landscape
  • Document Color Mode: RGB


  • Create a GUIDELINES layer to divide your Art Board into FOUR equal quadrants.
  • Create FOUR unique patterns--ONE in each quadrant--using the Shapes and the Shape Builder Tool.
  • Use DIFFERENT shapes (hexagon, square, etc.) to create each pattern. Think the last thing we made in the Complex Shapes tutorial.

Before clicking MASTER, you must Document Mastery.

Once you have submitted your Behance Project to Canvas, MASTER the mission.

Not too shabby Visitor. Keep up the good work.

We have covered a lot in a short amount of time. Before we move on to your first major design project, let's explore the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

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