Illustrator – The Pen Tool

Cap says I have to get you Groms up to speed on the Pen Tool.

Visitor have you checked the Self Portraits and the Vector Illustrations in the Gallery? Other lil Groms, just like you, from previous cohorts created those after going through the same training you are about to encounter.

Will you make it onto the Wall of Fame?

The Pen Tool is the most powerful and versatile illustration tool in a designer's toolbox! However, it isn't easy to learn. Truth is, Kaneda almost washed out of the CIA trying to learn it. I never thought he'd get it. And Zeke . . . even he struggled it with it. No matter what story he tells you.

What did you say about me Hiro!? Zeke doesn't struggle with anything. Well . . .  I did try to rush the Pen Tool Challenges, but that wasn't struggling. Don't listen to that nonsense from Hiro. He is just mad because Y.T. has an eye for me and not him!

I will tell you this though, Visitor, don't rush through the training below. You want to to UNDERSTAND the Pen Tool, not just finish the tutorials.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Download the Starter Files to begin.

Straight Lines

Curved Lines

Curved Lines Part 2

Curved Lines Part 3

The Tree

Did you complete each challenge three times using three different colors? Are you sure that you are comfortable using the Pen Tool?

If so ... COMPLETE the mission and move onto the Maze.

Zeke told me you were bragging about how easy the first challenges were. So . . . you think your are a Pen Tool Jedi, Visitor?

We shall see about that. Let's see how a little Grom like you does on the Maze.

Download Maze Starter Files

**Remember Grom, ONE line from beginning to end. We don't want any breaks in the line in the CIA.

**The tutorials are from an old version of Illustrator, but the Pen Tool still works the same. Only use the tutorials if you get stuck!!!

  1. The Maze Part II -- Think about your strategy
  2. The Maze Part III -- Connecting the dots
  3. The Maze Part IV -- Don’t get loopy!
  4. The Maze Part V -- Two points for continuous curves
  5. The Maze Part VI -- What else is expected
  6. Afterword -- A few other things you should think about

Make sure to have CAP check off your Maze.


Hmmm. I have seen worse, but that recruit was blind and had only one hand.

But ... Cap says your Maze is acceptable, so I guess you are ok to move on. Make sure you choose the correct class below.

Multimedia Design

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