Intro Part 2: Moving Around and Affecting Objects

Yo, Visitor are you ready to master Cinema 4D?

Let's get to it!

In this mission we will talk about most basic parts of Cinema 4D that we will build upon in all future videos. Learn how to navigate your way through a 3D scene. Then explore different ways to move, scale and rotate objects.

Head over to the Intro to Cinema 4D Training Series at Greyscale Gorilla and complete Intro Part 2: Moving Around and Affecting Objects.

Don't forget that you will need to document what you have learned along the way. I suggest screenshots and jotting down some notes in a training log.

Once you have completed the tutorial . . . Create a New Post on your SITREP titled the same as the mission name and the category 3D Design to document what you learned. Don't forget screenshots!

Awesome Visitor! 3D isn't easy at first, but isn't it cool!?!!?.

Are you ready for Intro Part 3: Manipulating Objects?

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