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Qué pasa, Visitor? What do you know about layers in Photoshop?

Nothing!? Well ... let's see what we can learn.

A key to understanding how Photoshop works ... and make no mistake--Cap wants you to really understand Photoshop--is to think Photoshop ... and a key to that is to understand layers.

Photoshop layers are the digital equivalent of acetate layers. Check the video below to see what acetate layers are.

As we learn more about Photoshop think back to this video and you'll start to understand why Photoshop works the way that it does.

In this mission we are going to explore Layer Styles. Follow along with guest instructor Skocko to get the 411 on Layer Styles.

Hint: Cap might want to see screenshots as proof of what you learned.

Drop Shadows

Bevel & Emboss

Layer Styles & Selections

Understand Layer Styles? Click COMPLETE and move on.

Good job Visitor. Remember ... the key is not rush through tutorials in order to be "done" .... the key is to understand how Photoshop works.

The more you know ... the better your designs will be.