Learn HTML & CSS In 30 Days: Week 4

Visitor next up . . . fine tuning your CSS code with grid structures. Quality Web design has both clean code and clean design. Grid systems help you with both. Ready to learn some more?

Hop back onto the Tram and head over for your Week 4 training with guest trainer Jeffrey Way. Grids are good!

As always screenshots and notes for evidence are always a good idea.

Good job Visitor. Learning code is never easy. Create a new post on your SITREP "30 Days: Week 4" and document what you learned during the Week 4 training module.

Don't forget to add the proper category (probably something like Web Designer).

Awesome job. Now you are starting to look a little like a Web Designer! Are you ready to put all of this together in the 30 Days: Final Project?

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