Visitor inspiration is the name of the game. Great design doesn't happen in a vacuum. Good designers purposefully look for great design in the world around them.

In this mission you are going to create a Pinterest account to keep track of inspiration for the various projects throughout the year.

Pinterest is a website where users can "pin" interesting things they find on the Internet. It was originally know as the place where "mom saves recipe and craft ideas that she finds on the Internet. However, it has evolved into a useful tool for designers to track inspiration and create a sort of mood board or morgue file.

  1. Create a Pinterest account. **Use your school gmail account.
  2. Create a Pinterest board called Graphic Arts Inspiration.
  3. I highly recommend installing the Pinterest extension for Safari (Safari -> Safari Extensions).

In this semester long assignment, you will build a morgue file of design inspiration and use Pinterest to catalog it. You will also create individual Pinterest boards for each major assignment.

Throughout the semester, showcase a broad range of examples. Consider the following categories:

  • Advertising (print, outdoor, direct mail, online, etc.)
  • Promotion (posters, brochures, displays, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Identity (logos, business cards, signs, bar napkins, etc.)
  • Packaging (products, CDs, DVDs, cartons, bags, etc.)
  • Publications (books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc.)

For each pin:

  • Identify the designer of the piece (if known)
  • Tag the pin with its function (#informational, #identity, #advertising, etc.)
  • Cite the source (where you found it)
  • Critique the design (why is this design creative? what makes the type arrangement interesting? how does the font choice help communicate the message?)

Visitor at first it may seem like a hassle to search for and "pin" inspiration, but at this point in your design education ... "You don't even know, what you don't know."

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