Poster: CTE Learner Outcomes

Agent Visitor your mission, if you choose to accept it ... is to redesign the CTE Learner Outcomes Poster.

As we discussed way back in BOOT, there are some school wide Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) that each student is supposed to meet by the time they graduate. Then within each department there are SLOs specific to that department.

The muckety-mucks high up the food chain designed a poster of said outcomes to be placed in each classroom. Cap doesn't like the design of the poster and has assigned you to design a new one to be put up in all of the CTE classrooms.

Original Poster

How could you redesign the poster to make it more visually appealing? Visual Hierarchy? Balance? Color? Etc.?


Design Brief

Redesign the above poster making sure to include all of the text. How could you use Visual Hierarchy to make the poster more visually interesting? Think about 1st Read, 2nd Read, and 3rd Read. Use the school colors as a base, but think about the 60-30-10 Color Rule. You may use either Illustrator or Photoshop to complete your design. Or a combination of both.

  • Document Size: 17 x 11 in; Custom Inkjet
  • Color Mode: RGB

When you think you have a worthy design, show Cap. He has to approve your design before moving forward. He may choose only one design to be ultimately printed. Will yours be the one?

Awesome job, Visitor.

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