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Visitor now that you have all of these new found skills, how do you go about telling people so you can paid to use them? One way is to start a business, but for most . . . you'll be seeking employment, internships, scholarships, etc.

And for those, you'll need a resumé.

Cap tells people this every year, and every year students ignore him and come summertime (especially after Senior year), they come begging for a copy of their resumé that they thought they'd never need. Don't be one of those people . . .


The resumé should summarize, in one page, contact information and relevant details of your education, work experience, volunteer experience, special accomplishments, and skills. Although it might not seem like it, a resumé actually tells a story: it details how you are qualified for the job. It should also reveal your excellent communication skills and attention to detail.


  • Personal Information (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address)
  • Education (major, subjects taken)
  • Skills
    • Technology
    • Communication
    • Leadership
  • Employment
    • Full/Part-time work
    • Volunteer work
  • Honors and Professional Affiliations


  • Spell Check!!!
  • Write in 3rd person.
  • Use action verbs (Collaborated, Excelled, Managed, Supervised, etc.).
  • White space is good.
  • Accomplishments vs duties.


  • Don't Use "I".
  • Don't go over ONE page.
  • Don't Full Justify text (leave right side jagged).
  • Don't list hobbies.
  • Don't list references, instead have "ReferencesAvailable Upon Request."
  • Don't upload to your Website


Purdue Online Writing Lab


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Do you understand why having a resumé is important? Are you sure? You are going to keep a copy for your self, right? Not just turn in for an assignment. If so, click COMPLETE to create a Visual Resumé.


Now that you have created a traditional resumé, lets have some fun and create a visual resumé.

**DISCLAIMER: This is VERY IMPORTANT ... a visual resumé is NOT an alternative to the traditional resumé. You ALWAYS need a traditional resumé. The visual resumé is for creative fields ONLY and ONLY to personally hand to company representative. You DO NOT submit a visual resumé when applying for a job through normal channels.

Not that we got that out of the way lets get started.


Awesome job, Visitor.

The resumé and the cover letter are just the first steps in the job search process. The hard part is once you get in the room. Interviews can be stressful.

Make sure you research the company or organization before you show up for your interview.

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