S2 Performance Review

Congratulations Visitor you survived the GAME. Now it's time to review what you learned this year.

When you get a job in the "real" world you will have semi-annual performance reviews. This is where you and your boss discuss your performance and the boss decides to keep you, give you a raise, or fire you.

Create a NEW PAGE titled S2 Performance Review. Answer the following questions below. The more specific and detailed you are, the more evidence you have to support your grade.

First Paragraph: BOOT - What did you learn in BOOT? Use the shortcode to list missions that you completed.

Second Paragraph: Illustrator - What did you learn in Illustrator? Use the shortcode to list missions that you completed.

Third Paragraph: Photoshop - What did you learn in Photoshop? Use the shortcode to list missions that you completed.

Fourth Paragraph: Name of Your Guild - What did you learn in Name of Your Guild? Use the shortcode to list missions that you completed.

Forget how to add the shortcodes?

Each main page (BOOT, Design Theory, Illustrator, etc.) should include ONE to TWO paragraphs about what you learned about that particular topic. Than using the catlist shortcode found on Organizing Your SITREP list all of the missions that you have completed for that category.

For example, your Illustrator page might look something like this: Illustrator Example.

Grades? If we must.

Haze hates grades. He wants you to have fun, play by the rules, and earn an A. But . . . he expects results.

No, let me rephrase that: He wants you to try. Try, he says, and the results will take care of themselves. Now some of you may have a different idea of what try means, but  if you are honest with yourself we should be on the same page.

Weird, I know, but that's the BOSS for you. You want more weird? Here's his rubric:

A = You gave it your all. You consistently tried to excel and went above and beyond expectations.
B = Great but… You occasionally tried to do more than you were supposed to
C = No second effort. You did what you were supposed to- but not more.
D = Are you kidding me? You aren't done with the required assignments.
F = Who are you? You view this class as a time to relax and do what you want

If you want an A, you can earn an A. It's not about being the best; it's about trying your best.

Now... Think about your grade and what you deserve this semester and move on.


HAZE reads EVERY SINGLE WORD of these, and takes the feedback seriously. Take the time to answer honestly and be complete. This really matters to the BOSS so he can help make the class better... let's make it the best possible!

For the following, write a COMPLETE AND DETAILED paragraph for each question below your four paragraphs from above:

  1. What are the 3 best things about this class and why? What should HAZE be sure to keep as a part of the class to help students have fun and learn cool stuff?
  2. What 3 things would you change if you were HAZE so that class is more fun and students learn more? What should HAZE trash for the class? What seems silly, boring, or useless? What rules seem unfair? What can we ADD to the class to make it even better?? Dream big! Don't just say, get rid of the writing. Provide an alternative. Realize as a UC College Prep elective we have to have a certain amount of writing. But . . . could it be done differently? Let me know. If you don't like something, suggest an alternative. In the "real" world the boss loves it when you bring solutions NOT problems.
  3. What grade do you deserve for this quarter and why? Write a DETAILED PARAGRAPH about the grade you deserve. Include creative things you tried (even if the experiment failed). Did you do any projects for REAL clients? That all counts HUGE for class. Explain where you started and where you ended up... Have you learned a lot? What was your effort like in this class? BE HONEST.

Now, at the top of your page, put the following:

"This semester, I deserve a X. Here's why:"

Replace the X with the letter grade you deserve, then publish your page and view the page.


Visitor that is it. Think back on what you accomplished. Think about what you know now that you didn't know before. You should have a ton of new skills.

I'd like to thank those of you that really put the effort it and made amazing artwork. Here is the last thing that I want from you. Put your best artwork into MY GOOGLE DRIVE.

I need to print some new artwork for the Wall of Fame next year and update the galleries. Please share what you made with future students.

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