Moving right along, Visitor.

Being able to make good Selections is absolutely essential to using Photoshop effectively. Let's find out how to master Selections.

There is a reason that the selection tools are at the top of the tool bar ... They are used A LOT. Photographers use them all of the time to make adjustments to certain parts of an image or to crop a poorly framed photo.

Let's get started by downloading the starter files: Signs of Decay | Our Precious Earth | Mrs. Hayes

The Rectangular Marquee Tool

Non-Destructive Editing w/ Adjustment Layers

Elliptical Marquee Tool

Quick Selections and Refine Edge

**You will use this A LOT.

Remember. Mastering Selections is very important to working effectively in Photoshop.

Good job Visitor. Remember ... the key is not rush through tutorials in order to be "done" .... the key is to understand how Photoshop works.