Sugar Skull

Visitor were you paying attention during the Illustrator Basics tutorials? Cap doesn't like tests, but in the next couple of projects he'll find out if you paying attention or not.

In this next mission you are going to research the cultural and historical significance of Dia de los Muertos and create your own Sugar Skull.

As a developing artist you shouldn't limit your exposure to just what you see in your immediate surroundings or in popular media. The best designers pull inspiration from everywhere. There are many rich cultural traditions across the globe. Latin America has many diverse cultures and traditions, one of which is Dia de los Muertos.

In this mission you are going to follow along with David Gareth of TastyTuts as he walks you through designing a Sugar Skull in honor of Dia de los Muertos. Remember ... Cap doesn't like copy cats. Use the tools and techniques discussed in the tutorials, but make each project your own.

A lot of these will be review of the tools that you have already learned as part of Illustrator Basics, but he will show you how they are used in a practical application.

  1. Setting up a Document | Placing a Drawing
  2. Image Trace Tool
  3. The Drawing Tools
  4. Compound Shapes and the Pathfinder Tool
  5. Coloring Your Skull
  6. Installing Custom Fonts (Useful for the next tutorial)
  7. Adding Type
  8. Exporting for Print **Save both the Print and T-shirt version.

You made your Sugar Skull unique, right? You remember to follow the elements and principles of design that you learned during Design Theory, right?

If you are happy with the design of your Sugar Skull, then COMPLETE the mission.

In order to claim MASTERY for this mission, you are going to research the significance of Dia de los Muertos. Where did the tradition originate? Who did it originate with? How has the tradition changed over the years? What is the significance of the Sugar Skull?

You'll write your response in addition to Documenting Mastery.


Cool skull, Visitor. You made sure to post the Web version on your SITREP, right? And you have your writeup? Don't forget to submit the link to Canvas!

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