Swiss Style

Visitor one of the best ways to improve as a designer is incorporate a wide range of styles into your designs. In order to do this you have to purposefully seek out inspiration.

In this mission me are going to begin our exploration of the major Art Movements.

The Swiss Style originated in the early 20th Century. It was also known as The International Typographic Style.

  1. Create a NEW Post. Title: Swiss Style. Category: Art Movements.
  2. Research the Swiss Style. Write three paragraphs about the Swiss Style. You must include a Works Cited at the bottom with AT LEAST three sources. DO NOT use Wikipedia!
    1. Paragraph 1: What is the Swiss Style? What are the major characteristics? Why is it important?
    2. Paragraph 2: What do you like about this style? Find FIVE examples of Swiss Poster Design for inspiration. Insert each into your post and write 2-3 sentences describing the elements of the design that you like. HINT: You will likely be doing a project in the Swiss Style and I will ask you to base it off historical examples that inspired you.
    3. Paragraph 3: List some of the major artists in this movement.
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