Time and Damage

A portion your grade in the CIA is based on participation. Time is money.

ACCEPT this mission to find out more about how TIME can affect your grade.

It is pretty simple. You have a lot of freedom in the CIA. However, that means you also have a lot of responsibility. YOU can choose to not work while you are in the Mac Lab. YOU can choose to watch YouTube. You can choose to play games. YOU can choose to sit there and do nothing.

Or YOU can choose to learn some mazing skills that will benefit YOU in the 21st Century.

So, how do you keep track of your time in the CIA? And . . . why would you want to?

Because you will take damage throughout your time in the CIA. 

Common Infractions

1 Damage = Off Task (Games, Tumblr, etc.)

1 Damage = Tardy

2 Damage = Absence (You get 4 free sick days)

6 Damage = Eating Food in the lab

Do you owe time? "A" recruits don't owe time.

GREEN progress bar means you have a 100% in participation. Excellent job.

YELLOW progress bar means you have a 70% in participation. You better get that fixed up by the end of the semester.

ORANGE progress bars means you have a 60% in participation. Danger Will Robinson.

RED progress bar means you have 50% or less in participation. Why are are you even in this class? Isn't there a better spot for slackers?

But don't worry . . . You can Repair Damage through the Trading Post.

One of the main ways to Repair Damage is by earning extra time outside of class. You may come in before school, tutorial, after school or during one of our open Saturday Labs.

If you come in outside of class make sure to Record Your Time.

Get it? Got it? Good. The COMPLETE the mission.

Visitor hopefully you fully understand your responsibility. You are responsible for your time in the CIA not the BOSS. There is no excuse not to earn an A in participation. Stay on task, if you mess up, make it up.

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