Vector Robot

So Visitor ... you think you have mastered the line and shape tools?

Let's see what you know by creating a Vector Robot.

Cap told me to test you Groms to see how well you have learned the various line and shape tools in Illustrator. You are going to show of your skills by creating a Vector Robot. Why a robot? Because robots are cool, yo! Plus, robots can be created fairly easily using basic shapes and other tools that you learned during Illustrator Basics training.

You will be using only shapes, lines, fills, and strokes to design your Vector Robot. Before you begin think about what type of robot you are going to design? A good robot? An evil robot? A military robot? A friendly robot? Etc.

Design your robot to fit your robot's personality.


Design doesn't happen in a vacuum. As a designer you always want purposefully search for inspiration for your designs. Don't copy another artist's design, but use other designs as a reference to inspire your design.

Create a Pinterest board titled: Graphic Arts 1: Vector Robot. Search online for 5+ samples of Vector Robots. Pin each example to your new Pinterest board.

With each pin, write a brief caption noting why you chose it as inspiration.



  • Create a NEW Art & Illustration document in Illustrator. Size: 17 inches x 22 inches Orientation: Portrait.
  • Create a NEW folder in your Google Drive titled Vector Robot and save your Illustrator document.
  • You must use AT LEAST 24 shapes (not including the background).
  • You must alter AT LEAST 2 shapes using the Direct Selection tool.
  • You must use the Shape Builder Tool to combine AT LEAST two shapes or to cut one shape from another.
  • Create a unique background for your Vector Robot--on a NEW layer. **Make it sure the background doesn't distract from your robot. The robot is the focal point.

All done? Did you take the time to add details and make your robot unique? Or are you a slacker that likes to JUST get things done? Which of those two do you think Cap likes better?

If you are happy with your Vector Robot, then COMPLETE the mission.

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