Vector Robot

Vector Robot

Yo, Visitor! Are you ready to apply your new knowledge in Design Theory and the skills you learned in Illustrator Basics to the test? 

Cap told me get you Groms up and running in Illustrator to create a Vector Robot. Why a robot? Because robots are cool, yo! Plus, robots can be created fairly easily using basic shapes and other tools that you learned during Illustrator Basics training.

Also ... don't forget that Cap is going to look for how well you understand and apply Design Theory in ALL of your projects. Let's start by looking at some example from some previous CIA trainees.

You can also check these Speed Art videos for further inspiration: Robot 01 | Robot 02.

You can see that everybody has a different style. What is your Vector Robot going to look like? Will it make the gallery to act as inspiration for future CIA recruits? Remember ... Don't copy somebody else's design, be creative!


Think about what type of robot you want to make. Your design will depend on what type of robot you want to make. What does (s)he do? Is it a helpful robot? It is it a military style robot?

  1. Create a NEW Illustrator Custom Inkjet Document. Portrait or Landscape.
  2. Use the Shape Tool and other Illustrator tools to create a Vector Robot.
  3. Choose a Color Scheme -- Demonstrate the 60-30-10 Color Rule.
  4. Don't forget to Create a Background.

All done? Did you take the time to add details and make your robot unique? Or are you a slacker that likes to JUST get things done? Which of those two do you think Cap likes better?

If you are happy with your Vector Robot, then COMPLETE the mission.

Did you create a rock'n Vector Robot? We don't want any slackers here in the CIA. You should have seen Deckard's first attempt. That was one lopsided looking robot . . . A robot only a mother could love.


Intro to Digital Media students can skip this section and go straight to Photoshop Enhancements.

  • Make FOUR copies of your Vector Robot.
  • Using Adobe Color, color each version of your Vector Robot with a different color scheme from below (Hint: You should have one of these already done):
    • Monochromatic
    • Analogous
    • Triad
    • Complimentary
  • Don't forget to label which one is which.

To claim Mastery on your Vector Robot (and all future Illustrator projects) you must first bring your Illustrator artwork into Photoshop and complete the Photoshop Enhancements.

Amazing job Visitor. Enhancing your artwork in Photoshop may seem like extra work, but remember . . . it is always about making your artwork look as good as possible. Good enough should never be in your vocabulary as a designer.

Choose which class you are in below for your next mission:

Intro to Digital Media

Multimedia Design

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