Vector Self Portrait

Vector Self Portrait

Visitor you mastered the Pen Tool already? Are you sure? No gaps? One line? Last time I looked . . . your bezier curves were a little a crooked. They looked a bit like Deckard's nose after that one Grom punched him in the face.

But .... if you say you are ready ... let's turn your mug into beautiful vector art.


The first step in the Design Process is to do research. What do other good Self Portraits look like?

EHS Mac Lab: 2010 - 2011 | 2011 - 2012 | 2012 - 2013 | 2013-2104 | 2014 - 2015

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  • It's easier to trace the "lower" images first, then the "top" images (draw your head before your eyes, draw your iris before your pupil).
  • Experiment with all the tools: pen, brush, etc... See what tool feels best for each part.
  • Experiment with line, proportion, and color... They are the major focus on this project.
  • USE AND NAME LAYERS for the different parts you draw... it will help when you have to rearrange things.

For those of you working ahead I haven't finished the new tutorials beyond this point. Mine will be based off the same concepts below, I'll just make the tutorials a little easier to follow. For now . . . Watch these. They are in depth, but they are awesome.

  1. Fast forward through The Mouth to get to teeth and gums.
  2. Female Hair
  3. Male Hair Styles

You are on your own for the neck, ears, shirt, etc.

In the Mastery section we are going to create the nose using Negative Space, learn about coloring/shading the face, and adding any finishing touches.

The last facial feature is the nose. We are going to try to illustrate the nose using Negative Space. That means by adding highlights and shadow to the face we can create the nose from the space between two skin tone colors. It can be challenging.

There are a few ways to accomplish this (ranked in order of challenge): 1. Gradient Mesh, 2. Shade Blending, 3. Gaussian Blur.

Before you claim Mastery check through the previous student Vector Self Portraits in the Gallery. Does your portrait stack up? Does yours have the same level of detail? What about shading, texture, etc.?

To claim MASTERY don't forget Enhance in Photoshop and upload to your SITREP.

Awesome, Visitor. That was a tough mission, but worth BIG points.

Next up . . . lets move beyond tracing and see what you can design using the Pen Tool all on your own.

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