Visual Element – Line

Visitor in this mission you are going to explore the first key Visual Element - LINE.

Follow along as guest instructor Gareth David discusses the Visual Element - LINE.

Visual Element - LINE

Lines can be used in a variety of ways in a layout: They help to organize information; They can direct your readers’ eye as to the organization of the layout; They can create a mood; And, they can rhythm and movement.

For example, lines can organize information on your page. A line can define the boundaries of your page. Vertical or horizontal lines can also be used to direct your readers from one piece of information to another. To create a mood, use a wavey line to give the piece a feeling of movement.

Lines in your artwork can:

  • Convey a mood or an emotion.
  • Organize the design.
  • Establish columns of text.
  • Create a texture.
  • Create movement.
  • Define shape.
  • Call attention to a word.
  • Connect pieces of information in your layout.
  • Frame an image or a word.

To claim MASTERY for this Mission:

  1. Create a NEW POST. Title: Visual Element - Line Category: Design Theory.
  2. In your own words describe how lines are used as a visual design element.
  3. Create a NEW DOCUMENT in Adobe Illustrator and create a design that demonstrates LINE as a visual design element. BE CREATIVE!!!
  4. Don't forget to PUBLISH your post.

Line is just one of several visual elements used in design. Continue on to discover what other visual elements are used in design.

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