Words of Wisdom

Visitor, as you’ve been told, you are expected you to play by the rules and try your best. Some of you are thinking . . .

That sounds too easy. What’s the catch?


The catch—if you want to think of it that way—is that you’re going to encounter a new way of learning, one in which you’ll be in control of the pace. In our self-paced environment, you’ll learn some of the skills you’ll need to succeed in the real world. As in the real world, you’ll notice that some of your peers will fail to play by the rules and some of them won’t be trying their best.

I’ll notice too -- and will give fair warning to anyone who shows signs of failing to live up to my two simple expectations -- before turning the matter over to Deckard.

Your orientation explained quite a bit of what’s expected. If you skimmed over that material, you’ve made your first mistake.

I understand that mistakes happen; however, I also understand that you have the power to correct those mistakes when they do happen. For instance, if you didn’t take the orientation seriously, you may want to go through Orientation again and review the material.

That’s one of the benefits of a self-paced learning environment. If you don’t understand, you’re free to try again. Those who take these lessons seriously ... develop valuable skills for the future. Those who don’t ... will become well acquainted with Deckard.

Always Remember . . . 

It’s not about being the best; it’s about trying your best.

Don’t like reading what we all have to say? Leave the CIA. We don’t have time for people that think they know everything. Those people are unteachable.

Don’t like following instructions and stretching yourself? Go now before you waste anymore time. You’ve gotta do things the way we say until you have the ability to go solo. Just looking at you, I can tell you’re nowhere near a solo.

Don’t think you need to document your training? Run home to your mom, maybe she can wipe your nose for you, too. Your dossier is your responsibility. Your records better be in good order or I’ll reBOOT ya so fast your hard drive will crash.

When one begins on the path of self-paced life-long learning—and make no mistake, that’s what this is all about—one learns the value of self-assessment. At this point in each quest, if you’re certain that you’ve completed all the steps and/or that you understand the material, click the the Complete button, claim your loot, and follow the instructions that will appear.

So, it’s self-assessment time. Do you understand what I’ve said? Now it’s time to choose:

Choose wisely.

So, you know what is expected of you, right? Excellent. Now it is time to become a Hero.

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